Dissidentdaubs’ Boxing Day Cabaret

Whistleblowers! Sick of government propaganda? Got indigestion from being force fed over-cooked porkies? Take a swig of refreshing counter-culture seltzer and pull up a chair.

Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome!
Fremder, étranger, stranger
Glücklich zu sehen
Je suis enchanté
Happy to see you
Bleibe, reste, stay
Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome!
….Dissidentdaubs’ Alternative #SpeakUpMonth of December 2018:




The National Guardian’s Day Out with the PHSO: Claims & Rebuttals

CQC’s Victimisation of Whistleblowers: Failure to Investigate Concerns

Whistleblowers in Their Own Words: What’s wrong with UK whistleblowing law and how it needs to change

What could a new whistleblowing law look like? A discussion document


One thought on “Dissidentdaubs’ Boxing Day Cabaret

  1. I see the whole fraudulent pantomime more in terms of Grand Guignol rather than cabaret.
    But, whatever our theatrical taste, the organisation is but a hook and a cover for moving NHS money from where it might be of clinical use to the accounts of those who few others would employ.
    Btw, ‘a no blame culture’ appears attractive because normal people assume this means no scapegoating of low ranking staff to allow an investigation and subsequent remedial works to take place. Unfortunately, ‘a no blame culture’ in those with no concept of morality, is interpreted as no accountability. Hence, the incompetence/corruption can continue unchallenged.

    On that unhappy note, I thank all concerned for the entertainment, and wish those of good heart and mind a very Happy New Year.


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