Whistleblowing resources


Prof Brian Jarman

Twitter: @jarmann

Classic paper: When Managers Rule, patients may suffer and they’re the ones who matter



Medical Harm

Website: http://medicalharm.org/about-us/

Classic paper 21 Ways to Skin a Whistleblower:



Dr Phil Hammond (MD of Private Eye)

Website: http://www.drphilhammond.com/

Classic paper: Shoot the messenger

Click to access Shoot_the_Mesenger_FINAL.pdf


Prof Brian Martin

Website: http://www.bmartin.cc/dissent/

Email: bmartin@uow.edu.au

Classic paper: Dr Jean Lennane, What happens to whistleblowers and why

Click to access Lennane_what2.pdf


Whistleblowing International Network

Website: whistleblowingnetwork.org

Twitter: @whistleblowing


Blueprint for Free Speech comprehensive critique of UK whistleblowing law:

Click to access blueprint-protecting-whistleblowers-in-the-uk-a-new-blueprint.pdf


When dealing with the NHS, remember that suppression starts from the top:



Key reports suppressed by the Department of Health in 2008, released under FOI in 2010:

1) Joint Commission International report, Quality oversight in England – Findings, observations and recommendations for a new model.


2) Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Achieving the vision of excellence in quality


See also:

Best and Safest Care. DH 2008. A ‘strictly confidential’ report by Sir Liam Donaldson Chief Medical Officer 2008 which acknowledged that suboptimal and poor care were endemic in the NHS and that quality and safety were not “predominant culture of the NHS”  best-and-safest-care-1