Please sign and share this Westminster petition, to ask the UK government to replace current UK whistleblowing law, and protect whistleblowers and the public. Deadline 17 February 2021

This petition, drafted with whistleblowing colleagues, went live on 17 August 2020:

Replace UK whistleblowing law and protect whistleblowers and the public

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It will be open for only six months and will close on 17 February 2021.

The convention is that if it attracts 10 thousand signatures, the government will respond.

If it attracts 100 thousand signatures, a debate is usually held in parliament.

Short term change is unlikely but it is important that the debate about protecting whistleblowers continues.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, whistleblowers play a huge role in keeping us all safe, but they suffer threats and victimisation which silence many.

Yet whistleblowers are needed now more than ever.

Thank you

Minh Alexander