Lights! Camera! Inaction?


Request for streaming of an important National Guardian consultation on 20 January

The current National Freedom To Speak Up Guardian made plans to hold an important consultation event on 20 January without advertising it or inviting the majority of whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers asked for the event to be live streamed.

This is what has happened so far:




5 January 2016 National Guardian asked to live stream her consultation event 20 Jan, so that whistleblowers could follow proceedings
10 January 2016 National Guardian reminded of the request for live streaming
11 January 2016 National Guardian’s office said that streaming would not be possible on 20 January but was a good idea in principle, and future events could be streamed

The National Guardian also agreed to hold a second session on 20 January for whistleblowers who had not previously been invited.

11 January 2016 National Guardian asked if whistleblowers could arrange their own streaming and filming at 20 January event
12 January 2016 National Guardian reminded of whistleblowers’ request to arrange streaming and filming themselves
13 January 2016 National Guardian’s office advises that whistleblowers can film the National Guardian’s presentation, but would only be able to film other delegates with their consent
13 January 2016 All known delegates for session 1, 20 January (the original event organised by the National Guardian before whistleblowers asked her to consult them as well) asked if they object to streaming and filming.

Today’s letter asking all known delegates invited to the first session on 20 January if they object to streaming or filming is copied below.

I will update this article regarding the responses received.




 To (by bcc) :

Jerina Brown, Corporate Secretary CQC

Heather Bruce University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHSFT

Cassandra Cameron NHS Provide

Claire Campbell George Eliot Hospital NHST

Georgina Charlton Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHSFT

Chris Chrysochou Salford Royal NHSFT

Neil Churchill NHS England

Keith Conradi HSIB

Mary Cridge CQC

Helene Donnelly Cultural Ambassador Stoke On Trent & Staffordshire on Trent

David Drew

Ginny Edwards West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHST

Kate Erskine Imperial College Healthcare NHST

Judith Graham Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHSFT

Tom Grimes NHS Improvement

Chris Ham King’s Fund

Cathy James Public Concern at Work

Paula Johnson South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHSFT

Narinder Kapur Psychologist

Roger Kline NHS England

Sharon Landrum

Chris McGhee Liverpool Women’s Hospital NHSFT

Neelam Mehay Speak Up Guardian West Midlands

Danny Mortimer NHS Employers

Katherine Murphy Patients Association

Newcastle Speak Up Guardian

Sonia Pearcey Gloucestershire Care Services NHST

Susan Robinson Healthwatch England

Nick Ross

Anne Sharp CEO ACAS

Lisa Smith York Teaching Hospitals NHSFT

Wayne Walker Torbay and South Devon NHST

Elaine Williams Berkshire Healthcare NHSFT


13 January 2016


Dear All,


Streaming and filming of National Guardian event on 20th January 

I gather that you have been invited to attend an important consultation event on the morning of 20 January by the National Freedom To Speak Guardian, on how a ‘stakeholder advisory group’ will be established. Dr Hughes has indicated that this group will choose the whistleblowing cases that are reviewed by her office.

The majority of whistleblowers have not been invited to this event, and are keen to follow the proceedings.

Since the above event was first organised, Dr Hughes has set up a duplicate event for the majority of whistleblowers which will take place on the afternoon of 20 January. However, we will not have access to what is said in the morning session, where decision makers will be present.

Therefore, we have asked if the events on 20 January can be streamed. Dr Hughes has indicated that streaming will not be available on this occasion, but has agreed that it is a good idea in principle and could be arranged for future events

.Whistleblowers have subsequently asked if they may stream the events themselves (ie via Periscope or Face Time) or film. Dr Hughes has agreed that her presentation may be filmed, but other delegates would need to agree to be filmed.

To that end, I would be most grateful if you could all let me know if you have any objection to streaming and filming by whistleblowers as above. (One of the whistleblowers attending the morning session has suggested that they could stream the event, if this is agreed).


Many thanks,

Yours sincerely,


Dr Minh Alexander

NHS whistleblower and former consultant psychiatrist


Dr Henrietta Hughes, National Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, Care Quality         Commission

Lorraine Turnell National Engagement Manager, National Guardian’s office

Sir Robert Francis






6 thoughts on “Lights! Camera! Inaction?

  1. 20th January, 2017 – an auspicious day.
    A wonderfully bureaucratic NHS meeting somewhere in the UK – I do hope the delegates are unpaid and participating purely for the common good – and in the USA, the Inauguration of the President.
    I don’t know which event will be the most exciting but one will be filmed. I do hope the Americans remember to invite Mr Trump – he seems to have an important role. Unfortunately, the British NHS soiree seems to be a little thin on the ground as regards its important participants. Just as well – whistle-blowers would only bring about progress and that could well disturb the smooth running of the meeting.
    Hilarious in a bitter, enraged sort of way.
    Thank you Dr A.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Minh

    I have been invited to this event on 20th Jan 2017 and hope to attend.

    Yes I am in agreement to the event being filmed or live streamed and raise no objections to this occurring.

    Best wishes Lloyd Armstrong


    Liked by 1 person

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