NHS England does not want to know about long COVID in NHS staff

Dr Minh Alexander retired consultant psychiatrist 24 November 2022

Frontline key workers have been dreadfully mistreated by the UK government, as part of its gross mishandling of the pandemic.

Last year Grace Pritchard, a member of the public, did a great public service by sending FOI requests to NHS trusts and universities about staff affected by long COVID.

Shockingly, this revealed that some NHS trusts were not bothering to collate data about long COVID in their staff.

A number of NHS trusts did not even bother to respond to the FOI request.

NHS Resolution holds some of the relevant data because NHS staff are starting to sue employers for COVID injuries.

But NHS Resolution said that it could not run a computer search for this data because long COVID is not assigned a specific injury code in its systems:

Transparency about NHS staff with long COVID injuries and NHS staff personal injury claims for long COVID

The Department of Health and Social Care callously said that it held no central data on NHS staff affected  by long COVID, and crucially, that it had no intentions to collate this data:

The Department of Health holds no data on long COVID in NHS staff and has no intention of collating this data

The DHSC could not say authoritatively if the data was held elsewhere.

To fill in the gaps from Grace Pritchard’s FOI request last year, I have sent a similar request to all the trusts that did not bother to answer Grace’s questions.

I will post the replies below as they come in.

The first reply received has come from West London NHS Trust, which runs Broadmoor hospital:

West London NHS Trust FOI response ref 396) 23 November 2022 long COVID in trust staff

The trust has disclosed 71 cases of long COVID in staff so far.

Of great concern, the trust has indicated that it has NOT been asked by NHS England for information on long COVID in its staff:

5. Has NHS England asked the trust to specifically report data on how Long COVID has affected trust staff?

Response:  No”

The concerted wilful blindness by oversight bodies is a great betrayal of the duty of care to frontline keyworkers.

I have written to Amanda Pritchard NHS England CEO, copied to the parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee, the Office of National Statistics, Health and Safety Executive and the Secretary of State.


Amanda Pritchard

CEO NHS England 

24 November 2022

Dear Ms Pritchard,

Collation of data on long COVID injuries in NHS staff

I am writing to raise a concern that NHS England does not appear to be collating data on long COVID injuries suffered by NHS staff.

Please see below an FOI response from West London NHS Trust which records 71 staff affected by long COVID, and which indicates that the trust has not been asked by NHS England to report specific data on long COVID injuries amongst staff.

No central public body seems to be tracking the level of COVID injury amongst NHS staff.

ONS collates long COVID data by occupation, which allows a rough estimate, but it does not publish data by employer.

Some NHS Trusts are collecting data about long COVID in their staff.

However, other NHS trusts responded to an FOI request by a member of the public last year, saying that they did not hold the data.

NHS Resolution holds data on personal injury claims by NHS staff affected by long COVID, but says it has no specific code for long COVID and therefore cannot run a computer analysis.

Transparency about NHS staff with long COVID injuries and NHS staff personal injury claims for long COVID

The DHSC says it holds no central data and has no intention of collating the data.

The Department of Health holds no data on long COVID in NHS staff and has no intention of collating this data

As a matter of basic duty of care, surely the NHS should be actively tracking this data?

Please advise what action, if any, NHS England will take to track long COVID amongst NHS staff and to learn from the data.

With best wishes,

Cc Health and Social Care Committee

     Sir Ian Diamond, National Statistician and Permanent Secretary, Office of National Statistics

     Sarah Albon CEO Health and Safety Executive

     Baroness Healther Hallett, UK COVID public inquiry

     Steve Barclay Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

     Helen Vernon CEO NHS Resolution


Bedford Hospitals has disclosed its staff long COVID statistics.. It has also confirmed that NHS England has not asked for data on long COVID in trust staff.

2 thoughts on “NHS England does not want to know about long COVID in NHS staff

  1. No one is collating any data on any part of these past few years. Not for long covid, not for vaccine injury, listen to what Sir Christopher Chope has to say on this, not on the rise in mortality from 18 years to 49 years old. You can’t get a precise breakdown on the deaths by vaccinated or not, something you think they would consider important data. There are now more excess deaths than there were in 2020 but there is no rolling reporting of this on the MSM as there was a couple of years ago. I can see that the excess deaths today are for a myriad of reasons, low staffing in the NHS, staff sickness, backlog of surgeries and treatments which were halted for two years, no screening for breast/bowel cancers in that time either, BUT no one within government save a few MP’s from the Conservative party, are asking questions, all is silent and the MSM which was so vocal 24/7 on covid deaths in 2020/21, remain silent on the excess deaths that are so apparent even to someone watching on the sidelines. The whole system is corrupt, regulatory bodies are simply gatekeepers for the establishment, PHSO, CQC, MHRA, CDC, FDA, as well as OFCOM, OFSTED, so many to mention, all corrupt. As for the NHS it is now nothing more than a logo, not the same organisation that I knew when I started training in the 1970’s. The top tier doesn’t care much about it’s staff, I speak to a few working for the NHS, nursing staff, admin staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and they are all worried about what’s happening within this institution.


  2. As we now know, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway – transhumanism – whereby humans will either be replaced by A.I. or melded with it. The NHS is the perfect testing ground.
    It seems difficult to remember a time when those in power showed any genuine concern for the health and well-being of those within the NHS – whether staff or patients. With the dominance of A.I., there is even less justification to bother with sick or poorly people unless those identified as useful entities can be fixed quickly and cheaply or provide interesting material for warped purposes.


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