Petition to replace UK whistleblowing law and protect whistleblowers and the public

By Dr Minh Alexander NHS whistleblower and former consultant psychiatrist, 19 August 2020


Petition link:

Replace UK whistleblowing law and protect whistleblowers and the public


Why are we running this petition?

Whistleblower colleagues and I have set up a Westminster petition calling for much better protection of  whistleblowers and their valuable disclosures, which protect us all.

UK whistleblowing law is very weak and favours employers and corporate interests, not the public nor whistleblowers. It allows cover ups all the time, which endangers public safety and allows corruption to flourish.

We would be most grateful if you would sign and share with others, to make the government respond.

This is more background if needed:

A new UK whistleblowing Bill and a petition to the UK government to strengthen protection

If you would like to write to your MP about helping whistleblowers, we have drawn up a letter template that you can use:

Send this letter to your MP to help protect UK whistleblowers

All my best,


Dr Minh Alexander

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