Protest by Compassion in Care and Supporters at CQC headquarters, Buckingham Palace Road 22 March 2017


A copy of a letter to the Prime Minister protesting the Care Quality Commission’s failures, and its CEO David Behan’s knighthood, was handed in to CQC.


The letter:


CQC is accused of:

  • Failing the public, vulnerable service users and whistleblowers
  • Failing to hold wrongdoers to account, allowing powerful corporate interests to come before care and failure to ensure safe care and learning from harm
  • Repeatedly breaching whistleblowers’ confidentiality with their employers. Compassion in Care will issue a report about this later this year. 
  • Fielding a sham National Guardian office, that fails whistleblowers


Compassion in Care’s letter requests that discredited, current whistleblowing legislation – PIDA – is scrapped and replaced with Edna’s Law.

The principles of Edna’s Law are that whistleblowers must be proactively protected by the State, that disclosures must be investigated and that those who cover up and harm whistleblowers must be properly held to account.



Whistleblowers and families who have suffered loss, cover ups and CQC failure came to tell their stories.


Interested passersby:


Delivering the letter…under escort:


The Queen……..

Not amused

One resigns


UPDATE 16.40, 23 March 2017:

It has now emerged that the National Guardian has also written to Dr Chris Day claiming that she does not intervene in individual cases, even though those his case is clearly crucial to issues of whistleblower protection for all junior doctors.

All 54,000 of them.

What more can one say.

See the Day campaign website:

Chris Day tweets at:@drcmday

The 54,000 doctors campaign tweets at: @54kdoctors

Henrietta Hughes’ letter to Chris Day, which was apparently emailed to him during his Court of Appeal hearing earlier this week:


HH letter to Chris Day 21.03.2017.jpg






6 thoughts on “Protest by Compassion in Care and Supporters at CQC headquarters, Buckingham Palace Road 22 March 2017

  1. Thank you for this.
    A good letter from good people – let’s hope it finds its way to someone who isn’t bureaucratically blind.
    I should have been there yesterday but have only one functioning leg at the moment so am grateful for this info.
    Kind regards.

    Liked by 1 person

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