Martin Morton social care whistleblower and Wirral Council

By Dr Minh Alexander NHS whistleblower and former consultant psychiatrist 19 April 2018


Whistleblowing cases can take years to resolve.

A very serious and interesting social care whistleblower case is that of Martin Morton’s whistleblowing about financial abuse of vulnerable adults who should have received care and protection by Wirral Council.

Morton was vindicated after a long fight, and the Council had to re-pay approximately half a million pounds to care home residents, that should not have been charged:

Wirral whistleblower Martin Morton’s six year fight for justice finally is over

The Equality and Human Rights Commission criticised Wirral Council for Disability discrimination:

Watchdog accuses Wirral Council of discrimination against disabled people

Morton’s case was featured by the specialist periodical Community Care, in which lack of effective protection for whistleblowers was highlighted:

Wirral social care whistleblower says “there’s not enough money in the world” to make uo for his family’s trauma

Notably, Morton successfully pursued his whistleblowing case using criminal harassment provisions, thereby underlining how serious whistleblower reprisal can sometimes be.

His case is important in helping to highlight the deficiencies of current civil UK whistleblowing law (the Public Interest Disclosure Act), which does not hold individuals responsible for misconduct and criminal behaviour in the course of suppressing and victimising whistleblowers.

His case also featured in reportage about widespread local authority use of gagging clauses:

Council whistleblower who signed gagging agreement speaks out

Morton is still seeking answers. The ICO ruled partly in his favour after the Council withheld a relevant report about the treatment of whistleblowers in its entirety.

ICO decision reference FS50649341



An Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) will now hear an appeal for further disclosure at Field House, 15-25 Breams Buildings, London, EC4A 1DZ on 26 April 2018.

This is a blog about the forthcoming hearing:

Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) case involving information request to Wirral Council by Martin Morton listed for public hearing on Thursday 26th April 2018




UK Whistleblowing Law is an Ass: Helen Rochester v Ingham House Ltd and the Complicit CQC

Wirral whistleblower Martin Morton speaks up for truth and justice at Hillsborough Law event

2 thoughts on “Martin Morton social care whistleblower and Wirral Council

  1. A council with a corrosive culture.
    Given time, nearly all bureaucracies deteriorate the same way. They are, of course, our bureaucracies, funded by our money. Thus our responsibility.
    Blessings on Martin Morton. Look forward to learning more about his mission.


  2. There are councils treating members of the public this way who are not whistleblowers too. And all the ombudsmen and regulatory bodies cover it up entirely.

    Liked by 1 person

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